Besides the two new ebooks mentioned on the main page, Gary has also put together a new one that is a collection of his dark fantasy stories, some that have been published in anthologies and a number of intriguing tales that are published for the first time in this new collection, called "Mysteries at Midnight," now out!

     Gary recently completed a TV movie/pilot in the Science Fiction/Mystery genre that his agent in Hollywood to starting to show around to producers.  He has completed a new screenplay in the Victorian Science Fiction ("Steampunk") genre that is one of the most remarkable projects Gary has ever done and that came about in an unusual way.  Stay tuned for more news about this one!

     Gary has finished a new Science Fiction novel that blends a number of traditional SF elements with spies, intrigue, top secret installations, a quirky romance and a lot of humor! It's called "Aggie & Agent X" and there are links to it on the main page. Gary is now working on a sequel to it!





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