The Relics...


(“Relics” from the promotional display at the World Science Fiction Convention in Atlanta, GA, 1986.)



Morlac's magical pendant, created by the Green Magician, Sordros.  The gold chain and gold rimmed crystal oval which bears the symbolic likeness and very essence of the sea creature Morlac was before the transformation.


More than just decoration, the pendant is also a protective charm and is linked forever with Morlac's fate. If it is destroyed by Sordros' hand, so too shall Morlac be destroyed.




Morlac's magic pendant

His magicked sword, "Shark," which seems to have a will of its own and a hunger for blood, is a powerful piece of the Green Magician's sorcery. An amalgam, much of it has been transformed also from a sea creature--the one which bears its name.  Its blade is white like the teeth of a shark. Shark hide wraps the hand grip, and the hilt bears the shape of a shark's fins. The pommel is shaped as a shark's tail.

Ebony eye stones are set on each side of the blade near the hilt so that the unnatural weapon may better see its prey, and the blade also bears runes that are a beseechment to the Sea-God Tritus to empower the sword.  After battle, when the blade is bloodied, the reddish stains unnervingly soak into the sword and disappear. 

Morlac must take care not to draw his spell-cast sword from its grey hide bound sheath unless he fully intends to use it.


Morlac's leather sword belt and special buckle bearing a "demon death's head" symbol designed to unnerve and distract an enemy in battle. The belt, though not magical in nature, once belonged to the Captain of the Guard, Calrom, Morlac's predecessor, whose mind, fighting skills, memories and spirit have merged with Morlac's own.

Morlac's shield

Morlac's shield has been cruelly fashioned by the sorcerer from the very shell which once protected his back. If struck hard enough by an enemy's blade, it can still bleed.  When traveling, Morlac wears the shield slung over his back by its strap, for ease of carrying it and as a comforting remembrance of his past.



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